Simply put – our goal is to help our clients succeed. BPI is committed to providing an employee benefit and administrative package that will create a positive working environment. A successful employee benefit program will empower the employees as they realize their company is assisting in securing their current and future financial needs. For owners and executives, the success is a result of being able to concentrate on running a business rather than spending time on administrative responsibilities.


  • We do business the traditional way – we get to know our clients and their needs and we work with you to make the best decisions for your business.
  • We know your business because we are like your business – efficiently run and privately owned!
  • We want to give you more time to run your business – BPI can handle all the administrative work related to your employee benefits.
  • We make things easy on our clients – BPI’s one, close-knit office personally handles all of your requests.

Just as important in knowing our strengths, we know our limitations. BPI is not the best alternative for every situation, and we are not afraid to tell you. To reiterate – we want you to succeed even if that means BPI is not a part of the final solution.

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