Corporate Retirement Planning

BPI is able to provide full service administration of a company’s retirement plan – our goal is to take the administrative burden of operating a retirement plan off your shoulders and put it on ours. We also know that one size does not fit all and that even companies in similar industries may be in different stages of the company life cycle. That is why we talk to companies about different retirement plan options from a 401(k) to a Simple IRA or maybe a Non-Qualified retirement plan. The first step to any plan implementation is to get to know the client; BPI is focused on having multiple face-to-face conversations with the owner and executives in order fully comprehend the company’s needs and objectives.
As a benefit to a potential client, BPI will provide a full review and independent evaluation of your current retirement plan. If after the evaluation BPI does not believe that we can improve the design or service of your plan, there is no cost to you.

Below are services offered to every BPI retirement plan client:

  • Annual executive review meetings
  • Multiple retirement plan options
  • Employee meetings based on plan requirements and client request
  • Daily valuation
  • Full trust accounting of all contributions
  • IRS 5500 filing
  • IRS and Department of Labor compliance reviews
  • Payroll uploads to investment companies
  • Multiple investment fund choices
  • Assistance with plan contribution uploads

Group Insurance

As an insurance company, BPI is able to install group disability, life, and health insurance programs for businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, BPI does not just sell “packaged client solutions” or bill a client hourly for “consulting.” BPI is an independent broker with access to multiple product and vendor options. BPI’s focus is to develop a holistic, customized employee benefit plan without burdening the client with a large initial cash outlay. BPI performs an analysis of options, creates a plan design, and implements the solution with no upfront cost.

Executive Benefit Consulting

As BPI grows with its clients, it is able to provide the additional financial structure for executives by providing executive benefit consulting services including business continuation and financial security planning.

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