Over Forty Years Supporting Small Businesses!

On September 2, 1974 the Employment Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA) was passed; on Friday, September 13th, 1974 two men, Carlton Cook and Denk Weitnauer, established Business Planning, Inc. The two shunned Friday 13th superstitions and launched one of the earliest retirement plan consulting companies in the post-ERISA era. They saw the opportunity to provide a service to employers, employees and their families that had been underrepresented before the passage of ERISA. From the outset, Carlton and Denk’s philosophy was to provide a full service product by concentrating on the needs of small and family business owners and their employees. After Denk passed away in 1991, Carlton extended the reach of the company, both in client base and in services. Keith Miller, Carlton’s son-in-law, joined BPI in 1996. Carlton passed away in 2011 but the dream lives on. The tradition of customer service is still alive today as BPI is still focused on developing and maintaining small business retirement plans. Life changes very fast but BPI is still dedicated to the family values that were the basis of its founding and that will endure throughout the next generation.


BPI’s Mission Statement was born from our commitment to support the small business.

To provide personalized planning, installation, administration, and regular reviews of retirement and group benefits plans for family and privately-owned businesses and to be exceptionally responsive to our clients’ needs at all times.


BPI understands that proper business solutions do not come easy and that qualified, well-trained personnel are the key to success. Our professionals are continually focused on the needs of business owners and employees. It is the experience, focus, and integrity of our team members that create the quality service offering that our clients have come to expect.
To learn how BPI can help your business, please contact Scott Sutton

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